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Rep. Heather Scott Congratulates Dorothy Moon for 'Purging the Party'

The fruits of great leadership continue to bless Idaho Republicans. GOP Chairwoman Dorothy Moon has not let her foot of the gas since taking over the helm of The Idaho GOP. Her continued efforts to purge the party of democrats in disguise, non-supporting, and non-believing party platform members is a wonderful breath of fresh air for all of us who strongly believe in government by the people, for the people, of the people. The GOP platform is clear and concise on how government should be operated and occupied by moral and honest individuals who believe bottom-up government. For those who find her efforts shocking, there are plenty of vacancies in the other party of socialist woke liberals. Please go, the exit sign is flashing for all closet RINOs. I believe Idaho can be a model for conservative leadership for state government but we need each and every one person to do our part and support Dorothy Moon and conservatives in government at all levels.

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